exhibition design


Woodruff is not just soda!

First exposure to the diverse field of exhibition design.

Within one week, we conceptualize, research, plan, and design a small section of a fictional exhibition and present our results within a given framework using a 1:1 scale model.

Many people first associate woodruff with puddings, lemonades, or sherbet. The fact that it is a plant growing in our forests is often forgotten, and some people are not even aware of it. We wanted to change that! During the implementation, we allowed ourselves some creative freedom and designed a soda carton as an exhibit object, in a 1:10 scale.

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Poster drawer
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Fun fact under the flap
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We developed the concept together and the execution was also a team effort. We built a wooden frame, covered it with cardboard, and painted it green. Afterward, we added the interactive elements and attached the plotted texts and labels.

team members: Alina Graf, Hanna Schott, Vanessa Saouda, Annika Raue