media technology


sassy sweet biting nimble

An interactive media installation

We learned how to use scenography methods, lighting, exhibits, media integration, dramaturgy, and visitor guidance. During this process, we experimented with digitally enhanced, interactive forms of content communication.

Starting from our associations (sassy, sweet, biting, nimble) to the marten, we developed an interactive concept for an installation that allows you to explore this animal. Since the marten, as a well-known urban dweller, often spends the night in cars and gnaws on some wires, we wanted to incorporate this aspect into the design. To approach the rustic nature of a car engine, we drew inspiration from architect Richard Rogers. Here, the fundamental functions of a building are displayed on the exterior. The same should apply to our model, as we didn't want to conceal everything but rather show on the outside how our board functions. Additionally, our project thus takes on a technical and practical appearance.

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Based on the associative adjectives, we created a simple information system. Individual pieces of information can be revealed and closed again through overlays. This way, the viewer does not get lost in the system. This project was implemented with the help of a Bare Conductive Board and capacitive copper foil as touch surfaces with soldered cables.

We jointly developed the concept and divided the creation of the information screens among ourselves. Additionally, I took care of the technical aspect of the implementation through the Bare Conductive Board.

team members: Ufuk Oetzkale, Anna Eschker, Annika Raue